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The Province of Saskatchewan

Province of Saskatchewan Flag, CanadaSaskatchewan is located in western Canada and is the middle Province of what is referred to as the "Prairie Provinces". The other two Provinces are are Manitoba to the east and Alberta to the west.

To the south, Saskatchewan borders North Dakota and Montana in the USA. To the north it borders Northwest Territory. See our map for more details.

Along with a rich mix of history and culture, Saskatchewan offers visitors endless freshwater fishing and water-based recreation opportunities, abundant wildlife, un crowded parks, outdoor adventures like canoeing and horseback riding, farm vacations and amazing and accessible golf. Festive towns and cities, and friendly, down to earth people, whose prairie roots run deep, will make you feel right at home.

Large TractorSaskatchewan is often referred to "The Breadbasket of Canada" and rightfully so. Saskatchewan produces some of the best wheat, canola, barley etc. in the world. It is awe-inspiring to watch the farmers harvest the crops off the fields in the late July, August, September and sometimes into October. If you have a chance to visit Saskatchewan during this time of year, it is a memory for life.

Here are some quick facts.

  • Total land area – 651,900km²
  • Population – 1,049,700
  • Coastline – No coast line, but over 100,000 lakes
  • Capital – Regina
  • Language – English (See below)

Cows on Saskatchewan PrairieIf you compare the size of Saskatchewan to the country of Sweden, Saskatchewan is 1.4 times larger, 16,4 times larger then Switzerland, 2.8 times larger then Great Britain and about the same size as the State of Texas in the USA.

Population wise, Sweden has 9 times more people then Saskatchewan, Switzerland 7.4 times, Great Britain 59 times more and Texas 24 times.

Saskatchewan History

At its most basic, the history of Saskatchewan is the collective story of human groups adapting to harsh weather and an expansive landscape in order to survive and prosper. It is this history which has forged a distinctive identity among those who call this place home.

The history of the first nations people who kept their history alive in oral tradition. The First Nations tribes in Saskatchewan are the Chipewyan, Cree, Saulteaux, Assiniboine, Atsina and Sioux.

Henry Kelsey, was the first European to visit Saskatchewan, and arrived around 1690. Other European explorers soon arrived, like fur traders such as The Governor and Company of Adventurers of England trading into Hudson's Bay and North West Company.

Fort WalshWe have some tidbits of history in one of our blogs about Fort Walsh and Grasslands National Park in the South west part of Saskatchewan.

More information on the history of Saskatchewan on the Wikipedia Website.


The official Language in Saskatchewan, however there is a copious number of different ethnic groups. In a 2006 survey the largest ethnic group in Saskatchewan is German at around 30%, English is next at around 26.5%, Scottish 19.2%, Irish at 15.3%, Ukrainian right behind the Irish at 13.6%, French 12.4%, First Nations 12.1%, Norwegian 7.2%, Polish 6.0%, Métis 4.4%, Dutch 3.7%, Russian 3.7% and Swedish 3.5%. It should be noted that 18.1% of all respondents also identified their ethnicity as "Canadian".

It should be noted that Saskatchewan is the only province where the number of people of British or French background is smaller than the number of people from other ethnic groups.

Saskatchewan Tourist Information

Sanddunes in SaskatchewanSaskatchewan - "Land of Living Skies". Saskatchewan has so much to offer and a lot people visiting Canada from overseas do not include Saskatchewan in their itinerary.

If you do not visit Saskatchewan you will miss out on some wonderful country side, like the true prairie in Grasslands National Park, the farm fields that goes on for 100's of km and the wilderness and over 100,000 lakes in the northern part of the province.

Boating, fishing, camping, hiking, golfing, wildlife viewing, canoeing, house boat rentals, trail riding are just some of the activities that you can enjoy. In the winter you can enjoy, snowmobiling, ice fishing, cross country skiing, snow shoeing and more

Scotty - T-Rex Dinosaur Discovery Centre

Make sure not to miss out on Scotty the T.rex Dinosaur Discovery Centre in Eastend, where they have a nearly complete Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex. The Discovery Centre is open all year around and is outstanding. Every person in your family will enjoy this incredible experience. Best history lesson your children will ever get.

Dinosaur T RexWe visited the T-Rex Discovery Centre on one of our trips and you just have to go there and experience the past history of our country. More on the T-Rex Discovery Centre on our blog.

If you feel really adventurous, charter a float plane and fly in to Lake Athabasca in the north west corner of Saskatchewan and discover the 100 km long moving sand dunes. The sand dunes are located on southern shore of the lake in Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park. See our map.

More tourist information on the Tourism Saskatchewan website.

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