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Provincial & Territorial Parks

Canada with it's 10 Provinces and 3 Territories have an incredible amount to parks that is there for your enjoyment. There are 42 National Parks in Canada and over one thousand Provincial and Territorial Parks.

Here is a summary and links to most of the parks in each Province and Territory.

British Columbia Provincial Parks

Helmcken Falls in Wells Gray Provincial Park, BCBritish Columbia has an incredible system of provincial parks that protect internationally significant ecological and cultural values. All British Columbia's parks offer an experience as unforgettable and diverse as the province itself.

The British Columbia Parks website contains a wealth of information, including a list of all the parks. It is really worth checking out prior to making your travel plans. We all have a responsibility to take extra good care about these special places as we explore, enjoy and learn to understand nature. Check out the website and put a little more British Columbia Parks in your life.

Alberta Provincial Parks

Alberta is a world-class tourism destination with active, healthy citizens who participate in sport and recreation and value their parks and natural heritage.

The Province of Alberta known for the Rocky Mountains, the foot hills, the prairie and it's many parks, almost 500 and counting. The Alberta Parks website is a great place to start you research. Here you can find a list of all the parks in the province, more on all the programs and activities. Check it out.

Saskatchewan Provincial Parks

The Province of Saskatchewan has 34 provincial parks divided into four categories. They are wilderness, recreational, natural environment and historic parks. Each park showcases specific natural features and offers a range of recreation and education opportunities.

Many visitors to Canada miss out on Saskatchewan and what a mistake that it. Saskatchewan has so much to offer. Check out the Tourism Saskatchewan park section website, it is a great source of information and also the Government of Saskatchewan park section.

Manitoba Provincial Parks

The Province of Manitoba Provincial Parks offer a wide range of services and facilities for your year around enjoyment. No matter what recreational activities you seek, you are sure to enjoy the spectacular natural environments, unique cultural sites, sandy beaches and clear waters that Manitoba offers.

The Manitoba parks website has a wealth of information for your next adventure. Here you can find a list of all the parks and what they have to offer. When you are ready to experience everything under the sun, Manitoba Provincial Parks are ready and waiting.

Ontario Provincial Parks

The Province of Ontario and it's wonderful parks. You really have to take some time to explore Ontario Parks. With over 330 parks, covering 90,000 km² that attract over 10 million visits each year, there is a lot for you to discover! Visit the Ontario Parks website and get started.

The website has loads of information making it easy to plan your next visit. You can select the park that is most interesting to you

Québec Provincial Parks

Gaspe Perce RockQuébec national parks are officially protected areas. Parcs Québec ensures that the facilities used to enjoy its parks take into account environmentally sensitive areas or that they minimize their environmental impact. Therefore, discovery activities, hiking, canoeing and camping are the preferred ways to discover and enjoy the parks. And you can explore these wonderful areas year-round. More information on Parcs Québec website

New Brunswick Provincial Parks

Experience New Brunswick and it's Provincial Parks. Each of New Brunswick’s beautiful provincial parks offers a uniquely different experience. From the highest peak in the Maritimes to warm saltwater swimming. What they all have in common is breathtaking scenery, cultural and recreational activities galore and camping that’s second-to-none.

Don't come and say we did not warn you, be prepared, because once you experience one amazing New Brunswick Park, you’ll want to experience them all! More information on New Brunswick website.

Nova Scotia Provincial Parks

The Province of Nova Scotia is one of the friendliest places on earth. Discover the seven regions of Nova Scotia and all the Provincial Parks have to offer. There is something for everyone with plenty of beaches for both swimming and strolling. Check out the list of Provincial Parks and don't miss the website for all your exploring activities.

Prince Edward Island

In the Province of Prince Edward Island you will find a network of Provincial Parks. You will find 11 camping parks and 14 day use parks that has so much to offer. Be prepared to stroll spectacular beaches, enjoy beautiful scenery, hike nature trails and lots of other outdoor recreation.

The Tourism Prince Edward Island (PEI) website is your one stop shop for parks in PEI

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Parks has something for everyone! No matter what age you are, you can enjoy a large list of outdoor activities in Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Parks. Whether you join in a cross-country ski meet, spend a day at the beach with your friends you are guaranteed to leave the stress behind, as you unwind in the tranquil and natural setting of Newfoundland and Labrador provincial parks. Find it all on the provincial website.

Nunavut Territorial Parks

The Territory of Nunavut, is defined by its people and places. It is an arctic territory with parks and land that evokes images of vast space and endless skies. The wide tundra plains goes on forever and the ice-capped mountains soar into the sky. This land is rich in culture and has a land with parks that is unmatched. Check out the Nunavut Parks website.

Northwest Territories

Bison stampeedingThe Northwest Territories (NWT) is known for its beautiful Territorial Parks. There are 34 of them all together. The government and tourism website offer a wealth of information for your next adventure into the wild. Check it out.

Yukon Territory

Yukon Territory is a true wilderness experience. Here you can enjoy everything that the great outdoors has to offer. Check out the Yukon website regarding the parks you want to visit.

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